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Team Challenge Tournament Rules


Monthly tournaments are held at different centers each month from September 2023 through May, 2024 for a total of 9 tournaments. Each participating center agrees to send two teams to each tournament. If the team or teams are a no show, the house they are from must pay the fee(s) for the absent teams. Each tournament is guaranteed to have a least 18 teams. Each house will schedule squads at their convenience on Saturday and Sunday. Some houses may wish to also have a squad on Friday evening.

Team challenge is a USBC sanctioned tournament which teams consist of five men, women or mixed bowlers. There is a maximum average for entering teams of 1075. Handicap is 80% of 1075. You do not have to bowl the same five bowlers each month.

One in eight teams qualifies for the state finals which are held in June. One in 5 teams wins prize money. The St. Louis Bowling Center’s Association will add $200 dollars to the first place normal prize of $400 for a guaranteed first place prize of $600 dollars based on 20 teams. The state finals guarantee $2,999.00 minimum first place money. The state finals will be at Concord Bowl. Details to follow

The St. Louis Bowling Center’s Association will also add $900 dollars to a singles tournament in May for any bowlers who participate in any of tournaments


1. Average to be used in tournament will be the highest final average from 2022-23 (includes summer 2023) of 21 games or more. If no book average, current average of 21 games or more will be used. League sheet must be attached to entry form for verification. Bowlers with no average will bowl scratch using a 215 average. Sport averages will be used ONLY in the absence of a book average and will be converted per the USBC conversion chart.

2. There is no absent or blind score. A tardy bowler may bowl but will receive zero for missed frames.

3. Teams with the same 5 bowlers may bowl more than once. Teams may cash only once with the same 5 bowlers. Teams must switch at least 2 bowlers to cash more than once.

4. One in 8 teams qualifies for the state finals. Teams that qualify for the state finals will pay $150 entry fee at the state finals. Teams may qualify more than once for the state finals and may bowl as often as they qualify if scheduling permits. Each qualifying team may cash once at the state finals with the same

5 bowlers. In order to cash more than once, each qualifying team must change at least 2 bowlers from the original qualifying team.

5. In the local tournaments the proprietor of the centers will be the onsite Tournament Director. In the state finals, The Missouri State Bowling Proprietors will appoint a Tournament Director. The Tournament Directors will make decisions on rules not covered herein.




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